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Moisture-Absorbing "Diatomaceous Earth Goods" / soil Special Feature

Craft, Culture, Health/Beauty2017.10.16

Do you know about "diatomaceous earth" which is currently a hot topic in Japan? Diatomaceous earth is fossilized rock found on the ocean floor. It is a natural material that has been gaining a lot of attention for its wonderful moisturizing, moisture-absorbing and deodorizing properties. This time, from the overwhelmingly popular brand "soil", we would like to introduce authentic diatomaceous earth goods that make your everyday life more comfortable. This must-read feature will have you thinking "I'd wish I'd known earlier!"

Earth that breathes
What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth comes from species of phytoplankton that lived in seas and lakes which have accumulated into rock form. As it has a vast number of small holes that aren't visible to the eye, it has excellent moisture-absorbing and moisture-retaining properties, and so is also known as "earth that breathes".
Another feature is that it has a different color depending on the climate of the region it is taken from. In Japan, since a long time ago, it has been used in traditional crafts such as cooking utensils and Wajima lacquerware.

"soil" is a new brand launched by the craftsmen group Isurugi which is involved in the restoration work of historic buildings. Using this safe natural material that has been used for a long time in Japan, it proposes items that make your lifestyle more comfortable.

You wish you'd have known earlier!
A diatomaceous earth bath mat with excellent moisture absorption

First of all, please watch the video below.

This diatomaceous earth bath mat from "soil" quickly absorbs moisture on the soles of the feet and then promptly starts to dry. Each item is carefully crafted one by one by artisans with traditional plastering techniques used to finish off walls with traditional tools, earth etc. In gentle colors each created by using diatomaceous earth from different areas. This diatomaceous earth bath mat is created using a natural material, natural color and ecological production method. There is also a cover available for warm usage in winter. An essential lifestyle item that you wish you would have started using sooner!

Light & durable!

Diatomaceous Earth BATH MAT light

JP¥ 7,500

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Special Cover


JP¥ 3,800

See Item HERE

With assured thickness & compact!

Diatomaceous Earth BATH MAT square

JP¥ 8,000

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Special Cover


JP¥ 3,200

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With its wave shape, this has excellent moisture absorption!

Diatomaceous Earth BATH MAT wave

JP¥ 8,800

See Item HERE

Twice as large as the light size

Diatomaceous Earth BATH MAT large

JP¥ 15,000

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Very handy!
A diatomaceous earth umbrella stand that makes rainy days more fun

It is a pain to clean water that has accumulated in the depths of an umbrella stand. With this "soil" diatomaceous earth umbrella stand however, unwanted water is quickly absorbed and then it naturally dries out, making it such a handy item. Also, this hygienic item will put your mind at ease.

This umbrella stand that stops your floor from getting wet and makes rainy days more fun is available in 3 colors. You’ll love the fact that it is compact and stylish. Sure to please when received as a housewarming gift, wedding gift, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth UMBRELLA STAND

JP¥ 6,500

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No need for a drying agent!
Original diatomaceous earth kitchen goods

Diatomaceous earth has excellent moisture-absorbing properties and is very handy for various uses in everyday life. With this in mind, we would like to introduce 2 recommend items that can be used in and around the kitchen!

The first one is a cute tea scoop that keeps moisture-hating coffee and tea leaves dry. You can simply place this inside a container to remove moisture and then use as a spoon, making this such a convenient item. Also, the natural wood has a gentle color and functions as a nice interior decoration when placed inside a clear container.

The second item is a coaster. This absorbs water droplets from glasses and allows you to say goodbye to irritating dampness! After absorbing moisture, it will dry out!

A tea scoop that's also a drying agent

Diatomaceous Earth Tea Scoop

JP¥ 1,200

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Stops your table from getting wet!

Diatomaceous Earth COASTER large circle assort 4-Piece Set

JP¥ 3,600

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Your soap & sponges will always stay clean!
Diatomaceous earth soap dishes

There are still other ways in which diatomaceous earth can be used in everyday life!

Soaps and sponges are items which are used when wet. However, if they don't dry properly after use, bacteria can breed and it tends to be unsanitary. With these soap dishes and sponge trays made using diatomaceous earth, unwanted moisture is absorbed and a clean state is always maintained. As they will be used in wet places, these diatomaceous earth goods are especially recommended.

These dry properly after usage

Diatomaceous Earth SOAP DISH for bath circle

JP¥ 2,100

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Diatomaceous Earth SOAP DISH for bath square

JP¥ 2,100

See Item HERE

Diatomaceous Earth SPONGE TRAY

JP¥ 2,100

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Natural material yet easy to care for!
Diatomaceous earth goods maintenance

There is a reason that "soil" items are different from the fake similar items that have recently started to appear on the market. Simply using diatomaceous earth doesn't bring about perfect moisture absorption.

At "soil", diatomaceous earth fired at a temperature of 800℃ is kneaded with water, shaped and then dried to create a product. Due to this, the structure of diatomaceous earth, which has a vast number of small holes, is retained. An item may break when subjected to a big impact, but this is just proof of its authenticity. Please enjoy using the diatomaceous earth goods of "soil" for many years to come.

< Precautions regarding diatomaceous earth >
• Do not use in places that are always wet.
• Mold may form in places with extremely high humidity.
• Do not soak in water for a long time. It will make it break easily.

For other precaution information, please check the details on the item pages.
There are many similar products and fake items. However, at WOAH! JAPAN, you can purchase genuine "soil" items with peace of mind.

See "soil" Items HERE

*Please kindly understand that the package design and stated contents of the delivered item may have changed without prior notice due to item redesign etc.

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