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Food, Regional Produce2017.11.1

When it comes to sweets in Japan, there are limitless types. There are all kinds of sweets, from Japanese wagashi to Western-style sweets. There also have lots of wonderful touches, such as cute packaging and single-serving sizes. This time, we have chosen a selection of recommend sweets for each type!

In various forms & colors!

Exquisite, addictive chocolate sweets with surprising combinations that include fruit, tofu etc. and white chocolate from nature-blessed Hokkaido are very popular!

Uses whole Japanese strawberries!

Strawberry Truffle White Chocolate

JP¥ 800

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Made with rich tofu & black sesame!

Tofu Chocolate

JP¥ 800

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The cacao nib flakes are exquisite!

Hokkaido White Chocolate Kirayuki

JP¥ 700

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Corn coated with quality chocolate!

Corn Chocolate (28-Pieces)

JP¥ 1,048

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In various forms & colors!
Biscuits, Cookies, Rusks

Biscuits that are a mixture of Japanese and Western tastes are a category that you can enjoy pairing with a suitable drink. Japanese tea, black tea, coffee, milk – change what to drink depending on your mood!

Crisp rippled cookies!

[Cookie] Asanagi Strawberry

JP¥ 170

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Handmade individually by artisans!

[Baked Sweets] Kinumakikinu

JP¥ 380

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Masterpieces from a prestigious hotel!

Imperial Hotel Cookie Assortment 10N

JP¥ 1,000

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With lots of Hokkaido milk!

Hokkaido Milk Cream Sandwich

JP¥ 1,000

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You'll want to stock up on these!
Sweets & Snacks

For when you are a little peckish, for family gatherings, while watching TV - recommend snacks that you'll regret not stocking up on.

Made using premier Kobe beef!

Kobe Beef Chips

JP¥ 550

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Popular spicy seafood senbei!

Hogaja (Large)

JP¥ 1,200

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These will please when received as a present!
Candies, Caramels, Gum, Mint Tablets

Classic, nostalgic candies in cute packaging make for the perfect gift. Use for various things after you've finished off what's inside!

4 kinds of color & flavor in one jar!

[Candy] Bottled Maple Leaf Candy

JP¥ 360

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In a washi box handmade by artisans!

[Candy] Covaco Mt. Fuji (Cider)

JP¥ 600

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Handy for unexpected guests!
Jellies, Puddings

These jellies and puddings you can stock up on are sure to please any guests in your home. Serve on a smart looking plate for a lovely appearance.

Jewel-like agar jelly

[Jelly] Fruit Poetry

JP¥ 380

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Made using quality egg

Tamagomura Pudding Made with Egg from Akikawa Farm

JP¥ 1,000

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Japanese-style snacks!
Senbei, Rice Snacks, Karinto

Nostalgic Japanese snacks with a soy sauce base are a classic. The delicious taste means they'll be gone in no time!

Crisp, easy-to-eat senbei

[Rice Crackers] Fukkurazoroe

JP¥ 330

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With a delicious sweet & salty taste!

[Okaki] Kinchaku Chidori Tsukune

JP¥ 320

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With a slightly luxurious mood!
Baumkuchen, Cakes, Pies, Castella

Castella and Baumkuchen sweets that are originally not from Japan. However, our varied lineup shows that they have now become completely Japanese!

With the noticeable mild bitterness of matcha

Nagasaki Castella, Matcha Tea

JP¥ 880

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Awarded a Monde Selection Gold Prize for 5 consecutive years!

Ganko Soy Milk Baumkuchen, 3

JP¥ 3,600

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Great with Japanese tea!
Manju, Glutinous Rice Sweets

Sweet and soft manju and glutinous rice sweets go great with Japanese tea. It is recommended to have these with strong flavored tea, matcha etc.

Fluffy whipped cream!

Kurikinton Cream Daifuku

JP¥ 650

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White chocolate & kimian bean paste!

Tokyo Korotama

JP¥ 1,000

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We have many more items!
Yokan, Potato & Chestnut Sweets, Bean Confectionery

We also have various other sweets that make the most of the ingredients used. If you are interested in an item, it's handy to mark it by clicking the "Favorites" button!!

Ito Kyuemon Uji Matcha Yokan

JP¥ 1,260

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Original Purple Yam Tart, 15 Piece

JP¥ 1,500

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*Please kindly understand that the package design and stated contents of the delivered item may have changed without prior notice due to item redesign etc.

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