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In pursuit of ease of use & beauty! Sori Yanagi Kitchen Utensils

Craft, Culture, Lifestyle, Regional Produce2017.11.20

Those who are good cooks tend to use their favorite cooking utensils which fit nicely into the hand. Sori Yanagi is a popular product designer from Japan. Beautiful forms that are all possible thanks to the skills of Japanese craftsmen make for kitchen utensils that are easy to use and beautiful.

About Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi (1915-2011) played an active role as an industrial design pioneer in Japan. The eldest son of Soetsu Yanagi, he introduced utensils and tableware to the world, which were actually used around Japan, with the idea that beauty extended to items used in everyday life, and was not just limited to arts & crafts. These kitchen utensils born from the aesthetic sense of Sori Yanagi feature simplicity and beautiful curves that fit perfectly in the hand. In the practical beauty of the Sori Yanagi series, the DNA of many craftsmen who seek genuine ease of use that transcends generations can be found.

Light & with beautiful curved forms
Bowls, Strainers

The beauty of the curves is directly related to easy cooking. As these are made of stainless steel and are light, your hands won't get tired when you prepare food. The strainers made by punching holes into a single sheet of stainless steel are durable and easy to care for.

Stainless Steel Bowl & Strainer (16.19.23), 6 Pieces

JP¥ 14,600

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Stainless Steel Bowl & Strainer 27, 2 Pieces

JP¥ 8,000

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Strainer w/Handle, 23cm

JP¥ 4,000

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A popular material & ideal designs
Nanbu Tekki & Sori Yanagi

Nanbu Tekki & Sori Yanagi. Dream-like kitchen utensils that bring together a popular material & ideal designs have been created. These have a high heat-storage capability and gently convey heat to all food.

Grill Pan, 22cm (w/Iron Lid, Handle)

JP¥ 11,000

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Nanbu Tekki Shallow Pan, 22cm (w/Iron Lid, Handle)

JP¥ 11,500

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Nanbu Tekki Mini Pan, 16cm

JP¥ 3,500

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With a sensation in the hand that will move you

A beautiful black handle series with wooden handles & stainless steel heads that smoothly flow onto each other through the skills of a few polishing craftsmen. They feel soft in the hand and are wonderfully easy to use. As each piece is hand-crafted individually, these superb items cannot be mass produced.

Dessert Fork #2250

JP¥ 2,600

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Dessert Spoon #2250

JP¥ 2,600

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Dessert Knife #2250

JP¥ 2,600

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Handy & easy to care for
Tongs, Spatulas, Ladles

These tongs used through the flexibility of a single piece of stainless steel only that have holes for removing excess oil & moisture are a best selling item! With their integrated design which doesn't accumulate dirt, these are not just easy to hold but also pleasant to clean.

Stainless Steel Tongs, w/Holes

JP¥ 2,000

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Fork Ladle

JP¥ 2,800

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Kitchen Tools, 6 Pieces

JP¥ 16,000

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With carefully designed streamlined forms
Stainless Steel Pans

Sori Yanagi series pots and frying pans have slightly mysterious streamlined forms. These forms are actually design features that allow steam to escape when the lid is on, to make it easy to pour liquids from the pan etc. They are created by skilled artisans using very difficult processes. The pasta pan can also be used to boil vegetables and meat.

Milk Pan w/Lid, 16cm, Matte

JP¥ 6,000

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Stainless Steel Pot w/Handle, 18cm, Mirror

JP¥ 6,000

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Stainless Steel Pasta Pan, 22cm

JP¥ 14,000

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