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A special present a little ahead of time for Christmas & New Year from WOAH! JAPAN!
We will give you a discount coupon present in accordance with the amount you spend!
This can be used as many times as you like during this period of Christmas presents & New Year's gifts!
Please enjoy shopping on WOAH! JAPAN.

  • Coupon Number:CQ59HE05

    Purchases of over JP¥ 10,000 including shipping get a JP¥ 500 discount!
    *Can be used as many times as you like during the period.

  • Coupon Number:CRM95HB4

    Purchases of over JP¥ 20,000 including shipping get a JP¥ 1,000 discount!
    *Can be used as many times as you like during the period.

  • Coupon Number:CS7UMJR3

    Purchases of over JP¥ 30,000 including shipping get a JP¥ 1,500 discount!
    *Can be used as many times as you like during the period.

  • Coupon Number:CTGP5RS0

    Purchases of over JP¥ 40,000 including shipping get a JP¥ 2,000 discount!
    *Can be used as many times as you like during the period.

  • Coupon Number:CUGR4R72

    Purchases of over JP¥ 50,000 including shipping get a JP¥ 2,500 discount!
    *Can be used as many times as you like during the period.

*One of these coupons can be used for a single order.
Please be sure to read the <Precautions> below before using.

At WOAH! JAPAN, we have lots of items perfect for Christmas & New Year.
We wish you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year...!

Give a romantic Mt. Fuji item as a Christmas present.

As well as romantic beer glasses which have the appearance of a sunset sky around Mount Fuji when beer is poured inside, new items continue to arrive!

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With an authentic feel, "Inden"

"Inden" is a traditional craft loved by the people of Edo. Items with a genuine feel created by applying lacquer to deer leather that make for perfect gifts.

See All Inden Items HERE

A high-quality leaf series, "Hakuichi"

From accessories to tableware and beauty products with high-quality gold leaf that tones the skin. We have a line up of various items from the luxury brand Hakuichi who have changed concepts of gold leaf.

See All Hakuichi Items HERE

Superb Kutani-yaki items, "Kaburaki Wine Glass"

Excellent items made with Kutani-yaki stems hand-painted one by one and the glass of a long-established global glassware store.

See All Kaburaki Wine Glass Items HERE

With a wonderful usage sensation, "Imabari Towel"

Imabari towels have a fluffy, soft feel against the skin and wonderful moisture absorption. Items overflowing with luxury that are sure please when received as gifts.

See All Imabari Towel Items HERE

Assured deliciousness keeps you coming back! Japanese Sweets

Stock up on lots of addictive sweets such as matcha sweets that fuse delicious Japanese & Western tastes, and enjoy Christmas & the New Year!

See All Japanese Sweets HERE

Packed with deliciousness, Canned Crab

Generous canned sets that include deep sea red crab featuring sweetness & textured meat, fragrant grilled loose crab together with shark fin etc.

See All Canned Crab Items HERE

Unbelievably moisture-absorbent, "soil (Diatomaceous Earth)"

This popular brand has items such as bath mats with wonderful moisture absorption that quickly dry. There are many imitation items about, but you can buy genuine ones with peace of mind at WOAH! JAPAN.

See All soil (Diatomaceous Earth) Items HERE

Popular Arita-Yaki, Imari-Yaki & Hasami-Yaki

We have a wide lineup of charming porcelain, from traditional cups & saucers that overflow with luxury, to beer cups perfect for regular use.

See All Arita-Yaki, Imari-Yaki
& Hasami-Yaki Items HERE

Handy & cute, "Musubi (Furoshiki)"

Beautiful furoshiki wrapping cloths from Kyoto. These fit perfectly around any kind of item, cutely & stylishly wrapping it up. They can also be used as table accents and tapestries.

See All Musubi (Furoshiki) Items HERE

<Precautions> *Please be sure to check the following before using the coupon.

  • ・This discount campaign can be used on purchases of over JP¥ 10,000.
  • ・These discount coupons can be used as many times as you like during the campaign period.
  • The expiry date for these discount coupons is 11:59:59, 31 Jan 2018 (Wed). Please kindly understand that they will no longer be valid after this expiry date.
  • ・These discount coupons can only be used for purchases on the "WOAH! JAPAN site". Please purchase from the usual order screen.
  • ・Please enter the coupon number stated above into the "Coupon Number" field on the "Shopping Cart Screen".
  • ・This campaign is applied at the time of order confirmation. Please kindly understand that, even if you enter the coupon number during the campaign period, should the campaign end before your order is confirmed, the discount will not be applied.
  • ・This cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon numbers and campaigns.
  • ・The discount will not be applied if the coupon number is not input correctly. When ordering, please be sure to confirm that the discount amount has been applied after entering the coupon number.

*The stated contents are true as of 12:00, 1 December 2017.
*Please kindly understand that this campaign and its details may be stopped, suspended or changed without prior noticed.