Pinching Tongs

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Item Details

These pinching tongs are a convenient kitchen tool which you can use to pinch various foods without actually touching them. It doesn't soil your hands so you can enjoy cooking even when your nails are decorated!
Use when you don't want to get the strong smells of foods like fish or garlic on your hand. You don't have to wash your hands often so you can maintain moist skin.
Perfect for delicate actions, such as grasping thinly sliced meat or pulling out fish bones.
You can serve deep-fried dishes before they get cold since you can immediately cut them using this item without get burnt.
It stands by itself so your kitchen won't get dirty. Also, it doesn't require a lot of space.

Item Description

●Materials: stainless steel
●Size Details: 3.2 x 4 x 10.5cm
●Weight (item only) [g]: 35
●Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 50
●Made in China

Item No.  220747

Item weight  50.00g