Cosmo Planet Frying Pan for Induction Cooker 28cm

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This frying pan has been made using casted aluminum processing, so it's lighter and more resistant against thermal deformation than pressed frying pans which have the same thickness! The bottom is thicker and the side is thinner. The inner surface is coated with durable platinum Teflon®, so you can cook without lots of oil, and it is also easy to clean. High-quality SG standard qualified product.
Can be used on any heat source: open flame, induction cooker, sheathed cooker, halogen cooker, and radiant cooker. Metal spatula OK. The bottom is stainless steel cast processed.

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Item Description

●Materials: Main Item: aluminum alloy (plate thickness 3.8mm),​ Bottom Lining: stainless steel (0.5mm),​ Handle: phenolic resin,​ Surface Finish: Inner Surface: Teflon® platinum finish,​ Outer Surface: mirror finish
●Size (approx.): Total Length 49.2 x Total Height 10.9cm (Depth 6.8cm)
●Weight (item only): approx. 960g
●Brand Name: Bestco
●Made in China

Item No.  220950

Item weight  1,060.00g