Soap Shampoo for rinse Pure/ Additive-Free Hair Care

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This rinse for soap shampoo is developed to reduce a frictional feeling in the hair and condition it into its original texture. It contains citric acid derived from plants.

Its cleansing ingredients are all natural, so it keeps your hair and scalp healthy and make hair flexible. No additives such as flavorings, colorings, thickeners, preservatives, softening/coating agents, silicone, etc are used.

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Item Description

●Materials: water,​ citric acid,​ sodium citrate
●Made in Miki,​ Hyogo Prefecture
●Brand Name: Mutenka Sekken Honpo
●Item Weight (approx.): 300ml
●Weight (incl. packaging materials): 340g
[Recommended for] Those who concerned about scalp's health,​ those that doesn't like to get residues on hair after using commercially available synthetic shampoo/rinse.
[How to use]
・After washing your hair,​ fill the basin with hot water and mix with a small amount of rinse (about a small cup). Soak or pour the mix on your hair to immediately remove residues from your hair. Lastly,​ please rinse your hair with hot water after your hair becomes soft.
・The product may become watery on seasons with high temperature such as summer since this product doesn't contain thickener. Please make sure not to eject the product too much from the container when using.
[Handling precaution]
・Please stop usage if the product isn't compatible on your skin or if there's any anomalies on your skin.
・Make sure the product doesn't get into your eye. Please wash your eye thoroughly with water if the product got into your eye.
・Please make sure to dilute the solution when using,​ don't use the solution directly on your scalp. Undiluted solution may cause injury or stings into the mucous membrane.
・Made for neutralizing soap. This product has different usage from general rinse due to no conditioning agent or moisturizing agent added.
・Please don't store in place with extremely high and/or low temperature and/or place with direct sunlight.
●Item will be manufactured after order placement should it be out of stock. Therefore,​ depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.

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Item weight  340.00g

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