Partitioned Plate Frog Design

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A fun series featuring frog, pig and cat characters. Partitioned plates with delightful kids' animals!
A fine design with special attention paid to all the details – can be warmed in the microwave, easy to serve up on and stored. Can be used in a microwave or oven.
With a size suitable for microwave use, you can fit the main dish and side veg onto one plate and heat in one go. Then, bring straight to the table. Easy to wash, and stores excellently.

This is a traditionally-crafted Bankoyaki product.
Bankoyaki ware is a type of pottery product which features excellent heat resistance. It is classified as a type of semi-porcelain with qualities between those of clay pottery and porcelain.

Designated as a traditional craft product on January 12, 1979, this class of pottery is renowned for superior heat resistance and is often found in the form of purple clay teapots or earthenware pots, with Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture as a representative production region.
Main products include pots, rice pots, tajines, teapots, and heat-resistant plates. In Japan, Bankoyaki has a 70 or 80 percent share of earthenware pots.

Item Description

●Materials: Ceramic
●Made in Yokkaichi,​ Mie
●Brand Name: Bankoyaki
●Size: 27.5 x 25.5 x 3cm
●Weight (product only)[g]: 700
●Weight (incl. packaging)[g]: 740
●Handling Note: Please keep out of direct flame.
●Other Note:
*This is a microwave/oven-safe product with a heat tolerance up to a temperature difference of over 150°C.
*Can be used in ovens and microwaves.
*In the event that this product is out of stock,​ it will be manufactured after confirming your order. Depending on the item,​ delivery may be delayed. For inquiries regarding delivery timeframe,​ please contact customer support.

Item No.  W07938

Item weight  740.00g

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