Edo Cat Glass,​ Namazu Craft Beer Set

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The design features a cat, an animal loved by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, a Ukiyoe artist from the Edo era. A craft beer set with cats dancing on the shiny crystal-like glasses. Packaged in a wooden box.

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Item Description

●Materials: soda-lime glass
[Item Size]
①Maximum 70mm,​ Diameter 63mm,​ Height 100mm,​ Capacity 255ml
②Maximum 64mm,​ Diameter 64mm,​ Height 100mm,​ Capacity 245ml
③maximum 70mm,​ Diameter 63mm,​ Height 100mm,​ Capacity 280ml
[Wooden Box Size] Length 229 x Width 118 x Height 84mm
●Weight (item only): approx. 100g each
●Weight (incl. packaging material): approx. 420g
●Made in Japan
●Brand Name: Edo Cat Glass
[Please Note]
*This is not heat-resistant glass. Glass may break due to sudden temperature changes (especially when it suddenly becomes cold). While glass is hot,​ do not put in cold liquids etc or leave in a wet place.
*Do not use on an open flame.
*It becomes hot after heating. Be careful not to burn yourself when it contains boiling water.
*Do not subject to sudden impacts like dropping from height.
*Do not use for any purpose other than its intended one.
*Do not put in a glass recycling box when discarding as the material is different.
[Note regarding glassware]
*Please wash before using for the first time. As there is no sealed outer packaging,​ wash with a mild detergent etc before use.
[Regarding washing]
*Wash with neutral detergent. Do not wash with a scourer containing a polishing agent,​ a metal scourer,​ or a cleanser as it may cause damage. (Some cleansers can be used for glass. Check the displayed ingredients before using.)
[Regarding hand washing]
*Be careful when cleaning the inner side of the glass. Exerting pressure on the inner side and washing in a twisting style can cause breakage and unexpected injury. It is recommended that you use a sponge with a handle.
[Regarding using dishwasher]
*Heat-resistant-labeled glass items can be washed in the home dishwasher. (Use properly in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction manual.)
Glass tableware other than this is hand-made and delicate and so cannot be washed in a dishwasher.
*Use the washing machine properly. If the alkaline component of detergent remains on the glass,​ it may make the glass dim. Rinse enough not to leave the detergent. If the rinsing is not enough,​ it is recommended rinsing again with a good amount of warm water after taking out from the dish washer.
[Do not use in the microwave]
*Do not use item in the microwave other than heat-resistant glass items that are labeled "For microwave use".
[Do not put in or use to store knives,​ forks,​ spoons,​ etc.]
*Do not put in or use to store knives,​ forks,​ spoons,​ etc. Also,​ scratches will stand out,​ so please handle with care.
[Note regarding scratches of glass]
*Scratching glass items makes them break more easily. Handle so that the item does not hit other glass items or hard items. Also,​ scratches will stand out,​ so please handle with care.
[Note regarding stacking]
*Stacking glass items may cause breakage etc. Avoid stacking them when storing or using.
*The usage instructions and manual are aimed toward the Japanese market.
*Please kindly understand that the instruction manual is in Japanese.
*As it's made by a craftsman one by one,​ size,​ color,​ pattern,​ capacity,​ weight,​ shape,​ etc may slightly differ from the picture.
*Should the item be out of stock,​ manufacture will take place after order placement. Delivery may be delayed depending on the item. Please contact customer service regarding the delivery date.

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Item weight  420.00g