HARIO ceramic coffee mill/wood N

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Coffee mill made with combination of ceramic & olive wood. With constriction shape that allows you to easily grip and grind.

Item Description

・Material: [Hopper cover] porcelain,​ [mill] ceramic,​ [lid,​ shaft,​ spring handle] stainless steel,​ [hopper] polypropylene,​ [mill seat,​ adjustment knob,​ washer] nylon,​ [lid packing,​ top packing,​ bottom [packing] silicone rubber ,​ [Body,​ Handle knob] Olive Wood
・Size: Width 167 x depth 85 x height 215,​ [coffee powder] 30mg
・Weight (g) (item only): 600
・Weight (g) (with packing material): 700
・Country of origin: [Hopper cover] Japan,​ [Mortar,​ lid,​ shaft,​ spring,​ handle,​ hopper,​ mortar’s socket,​ adjustment knob,​ washer,​ lid packing,​ upper packing,​ lower packing,​ body,​ handle knob] China
・Brand name: HARIO

Item No.  W15645

Item weight  700.00g