Yoshino Pure Kudzu

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100% kudzu. Pure Hoshino kudzu made from kudzu roots using a natural method. It can be used in various ways from kuzuyu, kuzu-mochi, thickener for sauces, deep fries, okayu, goma tofu, clear broth etc.

Item Description

●Ingredients: 100% kudzu
●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): None
●Contents: 120g
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions:
①Mix one part kudzu and one part water and mix.
②Pour steaming hot water and mix. When it turns clear it is done.
(By adjusting the amount of kudzu powder you can get various consistency for different dishes such as kuzuyu,​ kuzuneri,​ goma tofu,​ etc.)
●Caution: Eat as soon as possible after opening.
●Storage Instructions: room temperature
●Shelf Life (from manufactured date): 3 year(s)
●Manufacturer: Yoshidaya

●There may be product revision in the future and the package design and listed contents may change without notice.

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Item weight  120.00g

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