Persimmon Kudzu Starch Jelly

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Persimmon kudzu jelly made with plenty of sweet persimmon from Nishi-Yoshino in Nara. The smooth texture in the mouth and jelly-like softness are truly distinctive.

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Item Description

●Ingredients:Sugar,​ persimmon paste (Nara Prefecture Fuyu persimmon),​ glucose-fructose syrup,​ Honkuzu (Nara Prefecture),​ agar / gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides),​ acidulant●7 Main Allergens (wheat,​ buckwheat,​ egg,​ milk,​ peanut,​ shrimp,​ crab): none
●Contents: 130g
●Made in Japan
●Serving Instructions:
1. Using the notch,​ open the lid and remove the seal from the container.
2. Place over a container or serving dish and press the base with your fingers to empty the product.
3. Cut into convenient sizes for consumption.
(Regardless of season,​ this product is best served chilled.)
●Please note: After opening,​ please consume shortly.
●Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature away from high heat and humidity,​ strong odors and direct sunlight.
●Best before date (from date of manufacture): 150 days
●Manufacturer: Yoshidaya

●Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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Item weight  138.00g

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